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You’ve started, or want to start, your own business but you’re struggling with what to say and how to say it.

You know in your heart what your business is about, but can’t seem to get the words out.

This is all normal when you’re starting your entrepreneurial journey.

At the moment you are looking outside of yourself for the answers, which is leaving you feeling completely lost.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw.

The answers lay within, which is the key to unlocking where you need to go in your business.

Once you can start to look within, and create your business from yourself, it will all get a lot easier.

You’ll start to feel clearer on your purpose, your message will start to flow and you’ll start to show up just as yourself.





Show up, Speak up & Stand out – 12 week programme

Create your business message with soul and purpose


Show up, Speak up & Stand out is my 12 week programme to help you get the clarity and confidence to powerfully connect with your ideal clients.

This is for you if you’re starting or have started a business but are struggling with your message, which means:

– You’re not showing up consistently

– Struggling with your messaging

– Not connecting with or attracting your ideal clients

– Not feeling confident in what you offer

All of this ultimately leaves you feeling frustrated with your business and like you want to give up, probably before you’ve even really started.

I can help you.

I have over a decade of experience in PR and communications, have studied English and journalism and have overcome my own loss of ‘voice’ to be able to speak up and feel visible in my business.


During the 12 weeks, we’ll work together to:

– Allow you to feel good about your business

– Show up consistently in your business

– Overcome your visibility fears

– Feel clear on what you offer and how to talk about it, in your own style

– Confidently become the owner of your business

Show up, Speak up & Stand out includes:

12 x weekly 1:1 sessions

Voxer support


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 Building Beautiful Boundaries – February group programme

Building Beautiful Boundaries – creating space for the life you want.

If you’re struggling to see how you can make your business a reality you’re probably hearing yourself say:

– I don’t have time

– I don’t know enough

– I can’t make money doing what I love

– My loved ones don’t support my ideas

– I feel like a fraud

If any of those sound familiar then you need a new boundary.

In order to create your business, and become the woman you need to be in your business, you have to create SPACE and that’s where working on your boundaries comes in.

During the programme we will

– Identify your weakest boundaries and what they are costing you

– Identify the three types of boundaries you need to make your business a success

– Create boundaries that work for you and your business

– Kindly deal with challenging people who are not supportive of your business

Starting on 1 February you’ll have weekly group coaching sessions held in a private group, exercises to complete and support from me and the group the whole time.

Investment is £197 for places booked by 30 January, afterwards they will go up to £297.

VIP Day – coming 2020


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