You have a design

Sick of trying all of the blueprints and not getting to where you want to be?
You’ve tried so many.
Spent so much time.
Invested so much money.
And feel let down, because none of them really worked.
You’ve wondered time and time again what you’re doing wrong, because they’re working for these other people, so why not you?
You feel like you’re failing all the time, surely it’s not supposed to be this hard?
Why can everyone else create what they want, make the money, have the success, the love, the fulfilment and not you?
You did the work and you feel cheated.
Well I can tell you why, because this has been me too.
I’ve been exactly in this spot and trust me I know it sucks, a lot.
Everyone tells you to trust, surrender and know that it is coming – until another week goes by and you’re like seriously how much longer do I have to wait?
I got dreams to build here.
Well the problem was never you, or the other person’s blueprint it’s just the two don’t go together because you have your OWN design.
Actually it’s your Human Design, which is one of the best things that came out of 2020 for me.
It’s literally written how you work, how you manage energy and what works for YOU.
Yep no one else, just you.
You are your own blueprint.
All you ever need to do is be really YOU.
Cue big sign of relief. The only thing you’ve even been doing ‘wrong’ is not being you.
This is the basis of all my work, for clients and myself, for 2021 because it’s really cool, it will change your life and as you rise I want it to be in your own right not a carbon copy of me.
If you’re ready to embrace being you fully this year drop me a message to see how I can support you.
Be you, be limitless,
Vicky ❤️