Women leaders lead themselves first

True leadership comes from within.
I had a timely reminder of this this week.
Yesterday I had a really productive day in my business, I crossed items off my list, felt clear, calm and in control.
I was so pleased with myself I thought I’d found ‘the way’ I was going to work going forwards…and then a national lockdown was announced for the next couple of months at least.
Now on one hand this doesn’t actually affect my ability to deliver, such is the way I’ve structured my business.
But it did throw me a massive curveball in how much I was feeling in control.
And I remembered that yesterday was a very 3D way of being, in that I sat down and completed a whole bunch of tasks and that felt productive and like I’d been a success.
Whereas today, when my schedule has been thrown all over the place, as well as feeling some anxiety and frustration, I was reminded that new leadership isn’t just about see a job, do a job, it’s so much more.
It’s who you be, all the time.
Not just when you’re in office hours.
It’s how you lead your life.
Because that is the foundation to how you will LEAD in 5D.
And in the past I’d have been rushing around, complaining about the changes (I used to complain a lot) and generally feeling hard done by and figuring out how I was going to ‘get through this’.
Instead, after a bit of an internal chat, I chose differently.
✨I gave me and my small family some time to BE, to recalibrate and to feel safe with each other that we can have what we need.
✨I looked for the gifts of the situation.
✨ I thought how apt the timing, as it will require me to be a leader in the new way, knowing that the energy I emit will be more significant than crossing another item of my to do list.
And there you have it, leading from within, from who you are not just what you can do.
And by choosing that approach I’ve conversely got more done – without trying – than my super productive day.
Be you, be limitless,
Vicky ❤️