What is a Rising Woman Leader?

✨A woman who has felt the call of her soul, purpose, divinity and is willing to answer it
✨A woman who has healed and harmonised her masculine and feminine energies to be the greatest expression of herself
✨A woman whose values reside in truth, integrity and virtue and cannot be compromised
✨A woman who leads by example and as she rises all of those around her are also given the opportunity to rise
✨A woman who is connected to source, to her intuition and feelings and knows these are her most valuable resources
✨A woman who is deeply committed to her own self care, self love and lives in tune with and honours her body
✨A woman who makes peace with her past, knowing that she is a powerful creator, and focuses her intention in every now moment
✨A woman who is conscious, aware and present in her being, choosing to work in 5D over the old constraints of 3D
This is who she is.
If you’re reading this, she is YOU.
Imagine what she can create.
Be you, be limitless,
Vicky ❤️