The power of starting

You have so much power in starting.

Every time you hold back on yourself, on the business you want to start, the vision you want to create you’re stepping away from your own power.

As soon as you start, even though you have fears, doubts, even dark nights of the soul, just by starting your power RISES.

Starting allows you to change direction, learn lessons (notice I didn’t say make mistakes, it’s all valid) and gather support.

For all the people who question what the hell you’re doing, there’s a hundred more who want to see you RISE up.

Then there’s a thousand more people who will benefit from you doing your work in the world.

When you show up for yourself, answer the call to create what you’re here to do, it’s FELT, far wider than the few people that might have liked a particular post.

Energetically as you rise, you bring part of the world with you.

Do you feel that?

That’s how powerful you are.

The only people who will ever criticise you are the ones not following their own dreams, and by following yours you might just inspire them as well.

You know you are here to do this.

We use the word business but really it’s your soul’s mission.

You have a desire to create something for a reason, and every time you keep yourself small you keep your soul small, and souls aren’t here to be kept small.

So stop keeping yours in the little box of fear you created for yourself.

Souls need to be free, expansive and limitless.

They are the power and grace of the universe packaged up in your physical form to channel your own special light out into the world.

So, with that said, what are you going to start today?

Be you, be limitless,
Vicky ❤️