Prove yourself wrong

To get to the truth of who you are, live your purpose and find your place in the world, you are going to have to PROVE YOURSELF WRONG.
Say what?
If you do not have the life, the money, the love, the freedom that you want, it’s because you’ve been listening to yourself too much.
The false self.
The one who told you that you can’t, and you believed it because it felt like it was you.
When in fact it was never YOU.
It could be because of conditioning, trauma, family dynamics or the whole caboodle, BUT if life doesn’t look how you really want it to, you haven’t been showing up as YOU.
And deep, deep down you know this is true.
You’ve just been paying attention to who you thought you were (not your fault).
I know this hurts, but summoning the courage to really look at this – is the turning point – to creating the life you really want, as the REAL you.
The truth of who you are believes she can, that she doesn’t have to deplete herself for everyone else and that she doesn’t always come last on the priority list.
And that’s just the beginning.
So for every time you said to yourself I can’t, whether its create a business, find true love, learn a new skill, honour your body – PROVE YOURSELF WRONG.
DECIDE to throw out every old belief or even any tiniest notion of I can’t, and replace it with a big, beautiful, glittering I CAN.
And you always could.
This is the work of your Human Design to clear the old conditioning and reveal the real masterpiece of YOU, which was there the WHOLE DAMN TIME.
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Be you, be limitless,
Vicky ❤️