Nothing beats experience

Before I really decided to be a coach I spent a long time researching and thinking about what it would be like to start my own business.

It’s a common trap.

To want to find out more, compare yourself to others and even do more training before you feel you are ready.

But nothing beats experience.

Getting yourself out into the arena.

Otherwise you’re just a spectator.

When I left school I’d decided I wanted to be a chef and started catering training at college, even though my grades would have allowed me to choose any route.

I completed my first two years and signed up for a third to ‘get into the arena’ in a prestigious country hotel. This was to the complete bewilderment of my tutors who thought I should be aiming for a management role.

I thought being a chef was in my heart so off I went, packing up my knife set and whites in my VW Beetle and relocating myself 60 miles from home at 18 years old.

I lasted 2 weeks.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’.

Well I couldn’t stand the heat.

And as much as I thought I wanted to be a chef turns out working 18 hour split shifts, continually sweating and almost feeling like your face will melt away weren’t for me.

I had already completed a course, researched, cooked at home, attended industry events – but when it came to it, it wasn’t my thing.

I felt like a complete failure giving up so soon, letting everyone down and feeling disappointed in myself as in my head I had really thought ‘this’ is what I wanted.

But there was only one way to find out, and I learnt more in those 2 weeks than I could have done in 2 years of research.

No amount of thinking could have replaced my real experience.

Are there other ways to be a chef? Yes of course and I did work as one for a brief time afterwards, but not with the view that it was my life path.

Looking back with what I now know from experience, from inner work, personal growth, from learning about Human Design of course it wasn’t the right route for me.

But I also know of course I have a purpose, of course I am here for a reason and discovering that is an adventure that I willingly take, knowing there will be ups and downs and choosing grace at each new chapter.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤