Knowing what you want

I used to be a woman who didn’t really know what she wanted.


It felt uncomfortable to name a true desire.


I stayed with what would be nice, but avoided anything that was a full blown heart-felt hell yes.


I couldn’t own what I wanted.


Maybe you’re the same?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Scores of women, and men, don’t know what they really want.


They took on the conditioning that it was bad to want.


They heard growing up that ‘I want, doesn’t get’ and took it as gospel.


So, they stopped asking, stopped feeling and decided to receive less.


And you keeping quiet and small, so you don’t offend anyone, is confusing as hell to the universe. How can it possibly deliver when you’re not clear?


Which is why you have what you have now.


And if it isn’t really what you want.


We can reverse it.


You have desires, real passionate, grown ass woman desires – which are YOURS.


You just got a bit disconnected from them because of all the people pleasing, being nice and agreeable which you thought was how you have to be.


How do I know?


Because you didn’t appear in the world to not ask for anything, to not offend anyone or to not get in anyone’s way.

Like, think about it, what would be the point in that?

Exactly, that’s not how it goes.

You and all the other women who spent far too long being ‘nice’ are here for a reason ~ to fully experience life and receive your desires.

Don’t believe me? It’s even written down in black and white in your Human Design and Gene Keys. Your coding (not conditioning) knows what you’ve been too afraid to own, until now.

So, are you ready to stop being too nice for your own good and claim YOUR desires?

Be you, be limitless,